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The OWASP Enterprise Application Security Project (OWASP-EAS) exists to provide guidance to people involved in the procurement, design, implementation or sign-off of large scale (ie 'Enterprise') applications. There's also a [SOMAP-EAS] sister project for those interested in non-technical Enterprise Application Security.

Primary Goals

The key goals of OWASP-EAS are as follows:

  1. Act as a Metaproject to provide pointers to other relevant application security information within OWASP
  2. Provide technical guidance for procurement, design, implementation and assessment of Enterprise Application implementations
  3. To provide an open environment for the discussion of Enterprise-level Application Security

Other goals include

  1. Expansion of OWASP-EAS into other large scale applications using a common framework
  2. To provide encouragement for vendors and integrators to adopt open security standards
  3. World Domination (TBC)

Call for Volunteers

There's a few of us already, once the mailing list is up we'd like to get more input from others on how to go about tackling the problems.

Project Roadmap

Have a look at the OWASP Enterprise Application Security Project Roadmap

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