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Cryttr is a set of client tools to enable encrypted syndication and provide a front end to protect user's content. The proof of concept uses Twitter and the Twitter API to post encrypted "tweets" and decrypt "tweets" using a shared passkey. Cryttr uses the "encrypted syndication protocol" to connect to open internet resources via published APIs to encrypt and decrypt syndicated content.


  • Cryttr protects messages and allows user to control syndication of protected messages
  • Storage providers cannot index or aggregate information from published encrypted messages
  • Cryttr is simple to use, simple to install


  • Create a simple method for key exchange / project membership (ESP)
  • Create a provider model to access popular open blog/social networking API's (Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, Facebook) (ESP)
  • Create a provider model to subscribe to syndicated feed types, e.g. RSS, ATOM. (ESP)
  • Provide the ability to serialize and transfer documents as "posts". (ESP)
  • Design UI to switch providers
  • Cryttr for Flash
  • Cryttr for Android
  • Cryttr for Desktops

Architecture (WIP)

  • Server Components
  • Client Components
  • Client UI






Project Identification

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