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(Mailing List)
(Mailing List)
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== News ==
== News ==

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Welcome to the OWASP Backend Security Project

OWASP Backend Security Project is the first OWASP project entirely dedicated to the core of the Web Applications.

OWASP Backend Security Project wiki v0.1


The aim of this OWASP project is to create a new guide that could allow developers, administrators and testers to comprehend any parts of the security process about back-end components that directly communicate with the web applications as well as databases, ldaps, payment gateway, and much more.

Join the project

To reach this purpose our community needs more Information Technology security professionals as possible to create a new point of reference for the entire OWASP community. Although these information are briefly discussed in the others OWASP projects the community would like to collect those already existing information and creating new sections related to the not mentioned back-end components.

OWASP Backend Security Project is composed of three sections: security development, security hardening, security testing.

Below are described the main professional skills requested:

    - Web Developers
    - System Administrators
    - DB Administrators
    - Penetration Testers

Below are described the main technology skills requested:

* Programming Languages

         - JAVA
         - PHP
         - ASP .NET

* Database Server

         - ORACLE
         - SQL Server
         - DB2
         - MySQL
         - PostgreSQL

* LDAP Server

         - OpenLDAP
         - iPlanet LDAP
         - Active Directory

* Other back-end components

OWASP Backend Security Project needs of the OWASP community and new volunteers to become a new point of reference about the Web Application Security and a new OWASP success.

Mailing List

[email protected]


1st dead line: (03/31/2008) - We need to collect the existing information in other areas of the OWASP wiki for the similar sections.


carlo.pelliccioni <at>

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