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The OWASP AppSec conference series is dedicated to bringing together industry, government, and security researchers and practitioners to discuss the state of the art in application security. This series was launched in the U.S. in the Fall of 2004 and in Europe in the Spring of 2005 and this has rapidly grown into a world wide phenomenon which now includes the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, and Israel. All of the presentations from our previous conferences can be downloaded from the agenda pages for each conference.

Check out OWASP's conferences for the past two years on Google Maps.

2010 Conferences Schedule

Local chapters can plan half or full-day events in their region. Please contact Kate Hartmann for support getting an event organized.

For information on planning an official OWASP Foundation AppSec conferences with sponsors, please refer to How_to_Host_a_Conference.

The Call for 2010 Conferences is now open. Planning a great event takes time, so if you wish to host a conference in 2010 please submit a proposal detailing the venue and a detailed budget to Kate Hartmann or the Global Conferences Committee. The 2010 schedule is filling up quickly, so get started right away!

First Quarter Events

SnowFroc (Denver)

AppSec Bejing

AppSec Taipai

OWASP Day: New Zealand

Second Quarter Events

OWASP AppSec Research 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden

OWASP Global Summit - Stockholm, Sweden

Third Quarter Events

AppSec US

OWASP Day Minnesota

Fourth Quarter Events

AppSec Brazil

OWASP Germany

Rochester Security Summit



2009 Conferences Schedule

November 4th 2009 - Italy OWASP Day 4
November 11th 2009 - OWASP Global Summit 2009 - Washington, D.C.
November 10th-13th 2009 - OWASP AppSec US 2009 - Washington, D.C.
November 17-20, 2009 - App Sec India
December 2nd 2009 - BeNeLux Day
December 10-11, 2009 - IBWAS'09 - Iberic Web Application Security Conference (Spain and Portugal) - Madrid, Spain

Completed Conferences


October 13, 2009 - German Conference
October 27-30 2009 - OWASP AppSec Brazil 2009
Conference and tutorials at Câmara dos Deputados, Anexo II, Praça dos Três Poderes
October 28-29 2009 - 4th annual Rochester Security Summit
September 10, 2009 - OWASP AppSec Ireland 09
August 26, 2009 - AppSec Academia Symposium
August 24, 2009 Minneapolis/St Paul half day event
July 2009 - OWASP New Zealand Day 2009 - New Zealand
July 13th - 2 track conference, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand (Registrations are Open)
May 2009 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2009 - Poland
May 11th-14th - 3 track conference and 8 tutorials, Park In Hotel, Krakow, Poland
March 2009 - OWASP Software Assurance Day DC 2009 (in conjunction with the DHS/DOD/NIST Software Assurance Forum)
March 13th, 1-Day Conference in McLean, Virginia
March 2009 - Front Range OWASP Conference 2009 (aka SNOWFroc)
March 5th, 2nd Annual 1-Day Conference in Denver, Colorado
February 2009 - OWASP AppSec Australia 2009 - Gold Coast
Feb 25th-27th - Training & Conference, Gold Coast Convention Center, QLD Australia
February 2009 - Day 3 Italy
Feb 23rd - OWASP Day III: "Web Application Security: research meets industry" - Bari (Italy)


November 2008 - OWASP Germany Conference
November 25th - 1-Day Conference in Frankfurt, Germany
November 2008 - OWASP Summit 2008 - Portugal
November 3rd - 7th - Working Sessions, Conference & Training, Algarve, Portugal
October 2008 - OWASP AppSec Asia 2008 - Taiwan
October 27th - 28th - NTUH International Convention Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
October 2008 - OWASP Minnesota Conference
October 21st - University of Minnesota's St. Paul Student Center
September 2008 - OWASP AppSec U.S. 2008 - New York City
September 22nd - 25th - Conference & Training, Park Central Hotel, NYC
September 2008 - OWASP Israel 2008 - Herzliya, Israel
September 14th - The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel
August 2008 - OWASP AppSec India 2008 - Delhi, India
August 20th - 21st - Conference & Training
June 10th 2008 - Front Range Web Application Security Conference - Denver, CO
May 2008 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2008 - Ghent, Belgium
May 19th - 22nd - Conference & Training, Ghent University, Belgium (view agenda and presentations)
February 2008 - OWASP Australia AppSec 2008 Conference
February 27th-29th - Training & Conference, Gold Coast Convention Center, QLD Australia


December 2007 - OWASP Israel AppSec 2007 Conference
December 3rd, 2007 - Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel
November 2007 - OWASP & WASC AppSec U.S. 2007 - San Jose, California
November 12-15 - at eBay in San Jose, CA. (view agenda and presentations)
September 2007 - OWASP AppSec Asia 2007 - Taiwan
September 27 - in Taipei, Taiwan.
May 2007 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2007 - Italy
May 15th-17th - in Milan, Italy. (view agenda and presentations)


October 2006 - OWASP AppSec U.S. 2006 - Seattle, Washington
October 16th-18th - in Seattle, Washington. (view agenda and presentations)
May 2006 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2006 - Belgium
Held in Leuven, Belgium (view agenda and presentations)
October 2005 - OWASP AppSec U.S. 2005 - Washington D.C.
Held at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD (view agenda and presentations)
April 2005 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2005 - London
Held at Royal Holloway University in London (view agenda and presentations)
November 2004 - OWASP AppSec U.S. 2004 - New York City
Held at Stevens Institute in New Jersey (view agenda and presentations)

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