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CSRF Protector php library

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CSRF Protector php library - Standalone php library for mitigating CSRF vulnerability

What is CSRF Protector php library

Its a standalone php library for mitigating Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in web applications, which can be used with any existing web application or while developing a new one. More information available at github wiki

Features Offered

CSRF Protection provide protection for:

  • Normal HTML forms (POST/GET)
  • Normal Get requests (Not enabled by default)
  • Ajax Requests (XHR)
  • Dynamically generated forms

Damages Mitigated

  • Cross Site Request Forgery

How to contribute

To contribute to the code fork and send a pull to:
GitHub Repo

For discussions, join our mailing list: - Mailing List

Current Status

Version 0.1.0 Released!

Download Now

- CSRFP php master code
- CSRFP php with nojs support