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OWASP Boulder

Welcome to the Boulder chapter homepage. The chapter leaders are Andy Lewis,Kathy Thaxton, and Jeremy Martinez


OWASP Foundation (Overview Slides) is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. Local chapters are run independently and guided by the Chapter_Leader_Handbook. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional association your support and sponsorship of any meeting venue and/or refreshments is tax-deductible. Financial contributions should only be made online using the authorized online chapter donation button. To be a SPEAKER at ANY OWASP Chapter in the world simply review the speaker agreement and then contact the local chapter leader with details of what OWASP PROJECT, independent research or related software security topic you would like to present on.


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Next Meeting

The next meeting is

Final Meeting of 2008 - TUESDAY, October 14th, 2008 at Corporate Express's US Headquarters

at 1 Environmental Way, Broomfield, CO 80021.

Centralized Security Functionality In a .NET World – The OWASP .NET ESAPI Project

The Enterprise Security Application Programming Interface, or ESAPI, is a one-stop security shop for developers looking to implement security mechanisms in their code. The brainchild of Jeff Williams, one of the founders of OWASP, the ESAPI is an open source project that has gained traction with organizations looking to implement secure applications using tried and tested code that is also well organized and consistent. It includes functionality for validating and encoding data, authenticating and authorizing users, logging, error handling, and more. The API includes a Java reference implementation that can be extended to allow any organization to integrate security functionality into their Java/JEE applications.

But what about .NET? Many organizations are banking on the powerful Microsoft programming framework to help them deliver robust and secure software. However, like Java, .NET tends to leave it up to the end-user programmers to get security code right. The OWASP .NET ESAPI project intends to help .NET developers avoid introducing security vulnerabilities into their code by providing a full port of the original ESAPI project from Java to C#.

This talk will explore the gains, gripes, and gotchas of converting the ESAPI to .NET from the .NET ESAPI project lead himself. It will discuss features of the .NET frameworks security model, key differences between the Java and .NET platforms, and ASP.NET web security issues. Additionally, future ideas for .NET specific functionality will be proposed and discussed. Participation and feedback from the attendees is expected and encouraged.

Alex Smolen of Foundstone

Alex Smolen is a Software Security Consultant at Foundstone, where he provides security consulting services to clients to help find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in enterprise software. His duties include threat modeling, code review, penetration testing, and secure software development lifecycle (S-SDLC) design and implementation. He is also an instructor for the Writing Secure Code, Building Secure Software, and Ultimate Web Hacking courses.

Experience Alex has been working in software development for a decade and has participated in and led several development projects in ASP.NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails. His primary interests include the integration of security into software development life cycles, evaluating the business impact of information security, and the security of emerging technologies. Alex is a contributing member of the software security community and has participated in several open-source security projects.

Prior to joining Foundstone, Alex was the Security Solutions Manager at Parasoft Corporation, where he led the development of tools and methodologies for helping clients ensure application security from the ground up.

Notable Accomplishments Alex is one of 24 recipients worldwide of the Microsoft MVP Award for Visual Developer, Security Alex has spoken at the following conferences: • Enterprise Architect Summit, 2005

• Better Software, 2005

• OWASP Conference, 2005

• SD West, 2007

• SD Best Practices, 2007

Alex has published the following articles: • Enterprise Architect, “Is Your Application Security Up to Spec?” • Java Developers Journal, “How to Create Secure Web Applications With Struts”

Alex is the author of Hacme Casino, available on Foundstone’s web site.

Professional Education

Alex graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

Updates will be spammed to the Chapter Mailing List.


6-6:30 Dinner (at Corporate Express; pizza provided by Business Partner Solutions.

6:30 - 6:40 Chapter business

6:40 - 8:00 Presentation and Q&A

Following the meeting we will have informal discussions over beverages at the Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant.

January 2009 Meeting

Hands on - everybody bring a laptop!

Lab Design Wiki

Info and Wish List for the lab - feel free to edit...

Local News

Colorado OWASP Chapter Leaders Asked to Speak at ISACA Meeting

David Campbell will be moderating a panel discussion; Andy's on the panel. Here's what it's about:

Challenges and Successes in Providing Business Benefits: The View from IT Audit, IT Security, and IT Compliance

We will have a panel to discuss the problems, challenges, and successes when working to integrate business needs between the Audit, Security, and Compliance IT functional groups. These groups sometimes seem to work at cross-purposes, and to some business units, these IT groups are at odds with day-to-day business objectives. The panelists will present anecdotes and events to demonstrate challenges and successes in current and previous positions. We will also have an extended Q&A and will be soliciting your input. If you have questions or areas you would like covered, please email the Education VP ahead of time at education AT isaca-denver D0T org

Panelists: Jim Dillon, IT Audit view Doug Staubach, IT Compliance view Andy Lewis, IT Security view David Campbell, Moderator

Jeremy Martinez Joins bOWASP Leadership

Jeremy has been at every bOWASP meeting since its inception in Sept 2007 and has volunteered to take on some of the responsibilities for keeping the chapter going. Welcome Jeremy!

PCI DSS 6.6 and 11.3 Clarification Issued

Speaking of web app security...

Clarification WRT PCI requirement 6.6 - WAFs and Code Reviews for PCI compliance.

Clarification WRT PCI requirement 11.3 - pen-testing.

4/14/2008 - Interesting File Download Injection research from Jeff Williams of Aspect Security.

4/1/2008 Yes! There's an April meeting! List-server FUBAR; switching to manual We've been having trouble with our list server. The last thing through was an inadvertent cancellation, so you should have all gotten an individual message to say that there IS a meeting in April!

2/28/2008 - Dariush Rusta has volunteered to be the Project Manager for the Front Range OWASP Conference on June 10th ( THANKS Dariush). More info info to follow later...

How do I learn more about input validation?

Google for Input Validation

Some PHP Security Resources

There seem to be dang few PHP security resources. Please edit this wiki if you've got some good ones. In the mean time, here's some stuff that looks pretty good: PHP meets the Top Ten (c2006)

Fortify's "RAT" is a free tool for static code analysis...

SPI Dynamics to Speak at Feb's Chapter Meeting

Derek Zunker, my local HP rep, has volunteered to sponsor February's meeting, including providing a speaker from SPI Dynamics on February 21st.

New OWASP Tools Available - Jan 2008

Four new OWASP tools are available. OWASP Enterprise Security API helps organizations get organized about application security, OWASP CSRFTester tests for CSRF flaws, OWASP CSRFGuard stops CSRF attacks, and the fantastic new Anti-Samy component allows safe posting of rich content.

What's a Typical Agenda for the Chapter?

6-6:30 - pizza and beverages provided by a sponsor

6:30-6:40 - intro to OWASP and Chapter Business

6:40-7:35'ish - presentation, demonstration, or workshop

7:35'ish - Q & A

after Q & A - adjourn to less formal environment

What should I expect to see at a bOWASP meeting?

Each speaker will be encouraged to cover:

- demonstration of the threat ( "look!  I got EVERYONE'S credit card #!")
- overview/sample of vulnerable code, preferably in PHP, Java, or .Net env.
- some details regarding how to correct the code
- some thoughts as to how to test for the problem and/or "immunize" against it during a typical SDLC
- additional tools and references

Notes From Previous Meetings


Here are the links to the available presentations from FROCo8:

Jeremiah Grossman Business Logic Flaws - 7 Deadly Sins Media:FROCo8_JeremiahGrossman_BizLogicFlaws.pdf

Akshay Aggarwal Application Security Kung-Fu Competitive Advantage from Threat Modeling Media:ApplicationSecurityKungFuByAkshayAggarwal-FrontRangeOWASP-10Jun08.pdf

Robert Hansen Web Browser (In)Security

Mike Zusman SSL VPN Security Blog post containing slides

More info about the event

Planning page,

2008 Meeting Notes

All 2008 meeting notes

Black Box vs White Box Testing by John Dickson of Denim Group, Ltd. (Sept 2008)

Static Analysis Techniques for Testing Application Security by Dan Cornell of The Denim Group (Aug 2008)

Grendel-Scan presentation and ISO (David Byrne and Eric Duprey, July 2008).

XSS by David Campbell and Eric Duprey (May 2008)

Ryan C. Barnett's Dynamic Vulnerability Identification - Continuous Web Application Assessment (April 2008)

Michael Sutton's "SQL Injection Revisited" (Feb 2008)

Aman Garg - Web App Protection, Tips for QA and Testing (January 2008)

2007 Meeting Notes

All 2007 Meeting Notes

Patrick White, Aspect-Oriented Programming (Nov 2007)

Jeremiah Grossman, Top 10 Web Attack Techniques, their potential impact, and strategies to protect your company

Chapter Leader Links

2009 Colorado Planning Page

Colorado 2009 PLANNING PAGE

Board Members

Andy Lewis (Founder)

Kathy Thaxton (Events Director)

Jeremy Martinez (Board Member)

Pizza Delivery At Corporate Express

1. Papa John's 5160 W 120TH AVE Broomfield, CO 80020-3305

Phone: (303)469-6262

Delivery Hours: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm

Distance: 4.07 miles

menu as of 4/17/2008

2. Richie's Neighborhood Pizzeria (720) 887-3434 DON'T KNOW IF THEY DELIVER but they're in FlatIrons mall.

OWASP Threat Risk Modeling guidelines

Well-written, well-referenced SQL injection article

Cool MS Ace Team Blog (this is a previous version of the 'How OWASP Works' page which contains some ideas about the future)

And finally, if you haven't seen this amazing page created by Sebastien a while back with descirptions and links to past OWASP presentations, you must check it out now:

Of particular interest:

Click here to post events on the OWASP Community calendar

Recruiting Tips - if you need to hire a WebAppSec or AppSec specialist

1. Join this chapter's mailing list and publish to the chapter.

2. Publish to Security Focus's jobs list.

3. Publish to the Yahoo CISSP-jobs list.

4. Publish to local job boards such as RMIUG-Jobs

5. Show up at a meeting, schmooze, and let it be known during the pizza or chapter business portion that YOU ARE HIRING.

6. Include the term OWASP in your ad to make it easily searchable by likely candidates. Consider verbage like:

  • Ability to write code to reduce OWASP Top 10 bugs
  • Ability to test code for OWASP Top 10 bugs
  • Ability to manage Development Teams to adhere to OWASP guidelines