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Blockchain Security Framework

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About the Project

The blockchain security framework project is aimed at creating a comprehensive framework that covers everything about blockchain security for organizations from the ideation stage till the production stage ensuring maximum security at each stage of the product/solution development.

OWASP Documentation Project - Blockchain Security Framework

Every technology has its own challenges in terms of achieving maximum security. Currently, there is no exhaustive resource available for blockchain security providing detailed understanding about how security should be incorporated during the ideation-creation-deployment of a blockchain project. To help resolve this issue, the aim is to create a comprehensive framework that can help resolve this issue.

The project will help understand the various stages and security requirements from documentation perspective, selection/review of components considered for development including programming language/stack, protocols, etc.,functional security review, security testing requirements, audit/logging requirements, forensic readiness(to ensure that any attack can be traced/investigated as quickly as possible).

The project is not limited to the above understanding and more areas will be added/edited as required by the community or individual requests to enhance the framework.


This is where you need to add your more robust project description. A project description should outline the purpose of the project, how it is used, and the value it provides to application security. Ideally, project descriptions should be written in such a way that there is no question what value the project provides to the software security community. This section will be seen and used in various places within the Projects Portal. Poorly written project descriptions therefore detract from a project’s visibility, so project leaders should ensure that the description is meaningful.

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Creating a new set of project pages from scratch can be a challenging task. By providing a sample layout, with instructional text and examples, the OWASP Documentation Project Template makes it easier for Project Leaders to create effective security projects and hence helps promote security.

Contextual custom dictionary builder with character substitution and word variations for pen-testers


The license of the project is as described in CC BY-SA 4.0

For more understanding, refer

Getting Involved

Involvement in the development and promotion of the project is highly encouraged. You do not have to be a security expert or a programmer to contribute. Some of the ways you can help us are follows -

  1. Help us with the documentation as a collaborator for the project
  2. Provide topics that you would like to be covered as part of the project
  3. Request to join the mailing lists and help review the project
  4. Refer like-minded people to participate/help with the project
  5. Assist/Invite with events related to blockchain to help promote the project or interact with people from the community to help spread the word and refine the project with their opinions

Project Resources

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Installation Package

Source Code

What's New (Revision History)


Wiki Home Page

Issue Tracker

Slide Presentation


Project Leader

A project leader is the individual who decides to lead the project throughout its lifecycle. The project leader is responsible for communicating the project’s progress to the OWASP Foundation, and he/she is ultimately responsible for the project’s deliverables. The project leader must provide OWASP with his/her real name and contact e-mail address for his/her project application to be accepted, as OWASP prides itself on the openness of its products, operations, and members.

Deepak R Pandey

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