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OWASP WebGoat Benchmark

The OWASP WebGoat Benchmark is a Java test suite designed to verify the speed and accuracy of vulnerability detection tools. The initial version is intended to support Static Analysis Security Tools (SAST) and Interactive Analysis Security Tools (IAST). A future release (the year hopefully) will suport Dynamic Analysis Security Tools (DAST), like OWASP ZAP. The goal is that the application is fully runable and all the vulnerabilities are actually exploitable so its a fair test for any kind of vulnerability detection tool.

Future versions could support other languages, but one step at a time!

Project Philosophy

Security tools (SAST, DAST, and IAST) are amazing when they find a complex vulnerability in your code. But they can drive everyone crazy with complexity, false alarms, and missed vulnerabilities. We are on a quest to see just how good these tools are at discovering and properly diagnosing security problems in applications. So the WebGoat Benchmark test suite is designed to test the abilities of these tools and hopefully help them improve.


For this Java test suite:

  • Every test case is a servlet or JSP
  • Every test case is either a true vulnerability or a false positive for a single issue
  • Metadata for each test case, including expected result is contained in a matching XML file
  • The overall score for a tool is the average of the scores across all the test categories

There are two types of tests in the current benchmark:

 1) Tests written by hand.
 2) Tests that are generated from code snippets that include 3 parts
    a) A source of taint (e.g., a web parameter)
    b) Propagation or data flow
    c) A dangerous sink

There are currently over 150 test cases written by hand, and over 20,000 generated tests.

Code Repo

The code for this project is hosted at the OWASP Git repository (exact location TBD). Along with the code comes a Maven pom.xml file so you can build the entire project with ease.


The OWASP WebGoat Benchmark is free to use under the TBD license.

Mailing List

OWASP WebGoat Benchmark Mailing List

Project Leaders

Dave Wichers @

Related Projects

Quick Download

  • TBD

News and Events

  • [Apr 2015] Initial Release


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New BSD License
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2015 Roadmap

  • [June 2015] TBD