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Belgium Events 2019

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These are the 2019 events of the OWASP Belgium Chapter.

Previous year: 2018.

20 February 2019 Meeting


Department of Computer Science (foyer at ground floor)
Celestijnenlaan 200 A
3001 Heverlee


  • 18h15 - 19h00: Welcome & sandwiches
  • 19h00 - 19h10: OWASP Update by Sebastien Deleersnyder (OWASP)
  • 19h10 - 20h00: CSP in the age of Script Gadgets by Prof. Martin Johns (TU Braunschweig)
  • 20h00 - 20h10: Break
  • 20h10 - 21h00: Zero to DevSecOps - security in a DevOps world by Jimmy Mesta (CTO, Manicode Security)


CSP in the age of Script Gadgets

  • Speaker: Prof. Martin Johns (TU Braunschweig)
  • Presentation: (will be uploaded later)


Content Security Policy (CSP) was first introduced in 2012. It should have been a silver-bullet defense against various injection attacks, including the rampant Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, modern development practices and legacy code bases proved to be substantial obstacles. New versions of CSP were released to address usability and compatibility for developers. Unfortunately, researchers discovered many bypasses and vulnerabilities in real-world CSP policies. The latest problem is known as script gadgets, where data is turned into code by legitimate functionality.

In this session, we will take a look at the problems you might encounter when deploying CSP. We start at CSP level 1 and work towards the latest level 3 version. We discuss CSP's features, potential bypasses, and pitfalls to avoid. In the end, you will have gained the knowledge to deploy a secure and effective CSP policy.

Speaker Bio

Martin Johns is a full professor at the TU Braunschweig.

Zero to DevSecOps - security in a DevOps world

  • Speaker: Jimmy Mesta (CTO, Manicode Security)
  • Presentation: (will be uploaded later)


The way that software is being deployed is undergoing a massive transformation. As a result, security teams are at a point where they must adapt or be left in the dust. Traditional application security used to be heavyweight and human-driven. Tasks are more often than not mostly manual efforts. Time-consuming security testing often breaks down in an automated world. Dynamic vulnerability scanning and manual code reviews are incompatible with a world where code changes are automatically being pushed to production hundreds of times per day.

This talk will share lessons learned from helping teams of all sizes and maturity levels with their transformation to a DevSecOps model where security goes from being a blocker to an enabler. Specifically, we will cover some of the tools and processes you can start using right now. These tools allow you to start adding real value to your organization through enhanced visibility, vulnerability discovery, and feedback loops. It is time to adapt and embrace a new era of security.

Speaker Bio

Jimmy Mesta is CTO at Manicode Security. He is a DevSecOps, Mobile, and Kubernetes Secure Coding Instructor.


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