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=== Tweet! ===
=== Tweet! ===
Event tag is [ #owaspbnl11]  
Event tag is [ #owaspbnl11]
=== Confirmed Speakers: ===
=== Confirmed Speakers: ===

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Venue is the University of Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

Training and conference location, together with hotel information, can be found here.

Training and first list of conference speakers are announced!

See here and here


Event tag is #owaspbnl11

Confirmed Speakers:


Training, December 1st

OWASP Training: Secure Application Development, by Eoin Keary

Abstract: Writing Secure code is the most effective method to securing your web applications. Writing secure code takes skill and know-how but results in a more stable and robust application and assists in protecting an organisations brand. Application security is not commonly a part of many computer science curricula today and most organizations have not focused on instituting a culture that includes application security as a core part of their software development training efforts. This intensive one-day course focuses on the most common web application security problems, including aspects of both the OWASP Top Ten (2010) and the MITRE Top 25. The course will introduce and demonstrate application assessment techniques, illustrating how application vulnerabilities can be exploited so students really understand how to avoid introducing such vulnerabilities in their code.

This course includes coverage of the following areas:

  • Unvalidated Input
  • Injection Flaws, OS commanding, SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scriping & Client-side security
  • Authentication & Session Management
  • Access control & Authorisation
  • Broken Caching
  • Error Handling & Resource Management
  • The Secure SDLC
  • Fuzzing, Proxy use and testing approach

Hands on Exercises

To cement the principles discussed, students can participate in a number of hands-on security testing exercises where they attack a live web application (i.e., OWASP Bank etc) that has been seeded with common web application vulnerabilities.

The students will use proxy tools commonly used by the hacker community to complete the exercises. Students need to bring their own windows based laptop to participate in the exercises. Wireless capability is recommended.


Developers who want to understand the most common web application security flaws, and how to avoid them and code in a secure manner.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of a web programming language like Java or .NET recommended but not required.

Bringing your own windows based laptop is recommended so you can participate in the hands on exercises

Trainer Bio:

Eoin Keary is a Global OWASP board member since 2009. He is a long time member of OWASP and have contributed year on year to OWASP projects and the OWASP mission of fighting the causes of software insecurity. He is based in Dublin, Ireland and director of Bccriskadvisory.

Conference, December 2nd

We are pleased to announce a first list of confirmed speakers:

  • Brenno De Winter (Journalist) on the Diginotar story
  • Koen Vanderloock (Lead Security Competence Group at Cegeka) on the new OWASP Simba project
  • Justin Clarke (Director and Co-Founder of Gotham Digital Science Ltd) on practical crypto attacks against web applications
  • Lieven Desmet (Research Manager at University Leuven) on HTML5 security
  • Andrey Belenko (Chief Security Researcher at ElcomSoft Co. Ltd) on iOS data protection internals
  • Alexandre Dulaunoy (Incident Management - Security Research at CIRCL) on dynamic malware analysis
  • Joany Boutet (Security Consultant at Telindus Belgacom ICT Luxembourg) on mobile (Android) security
  • Ludovic Petit (Group Fraud & Information Security Adviser at SFR, Vodafone Group) on WebApp Security and legal and regulatory aspects
  • Seba Deleersnyder & Eoin Keary (OWASP Board) on OWASP Update

Stay tuned for the final agenda!






The training day and the conference are free! 

Registration to open when details are online.

To support the OWASP organisation, consider to become a member, it's only US$50!
Check out the Membership page to find out more.


University of Luxembourg
Campus Kirchberg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Room: Paul Feidert

Hotels nearby:

First hotel (direct center of Luxembourg) 5/10 minutes with taxi or bus: Hotel Parc Bellevue

  • single room with breakfast 95.00 € (normal price 160 €)
  • double room with breakfast 115.00 € (normal price 180€)
  • wifi and parking included
  • Booking email address: [email protected]
  • Reservation deadline : 17 October
  • Reservation form: download form

Second hotel (near the Parc Bellevue): Hotel Plaza

  • single room with breakfast 130.00 € (normal price 225 €)
  • double room with breakfast 150.00 € (normal price 245€)
  • wifi and parking included
  • Booking email address: [email protected].
  • Reservation deadline: 17 October
  • Reservation form: download form

Third hotel: Hotel Mélia


The BeNeLux Day 2011 Program Committee:

Local organization:

  • Thomas Engel
  • Radu State
  • Magali Martin
  • Aurel Machalek


Contact seba <at> for sponsorship

<paypal>BeNeLux OWASP Day 2011</paypal>

Social Event

The social event is scheduled for Thursday, 1st of December @ TBD

Made possible by our sponsors:



Supported by: