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August 9, 2017

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Meeting Location:


International Toll Free Calling Information

Approved Meeting Minutes

AGENDA This is the VIRTUAL packet that is provided to everyone at the same time to review, make comments and be prepared for the meeting. There is no paper handout for the meeting.

 Approval of prior meeting minutes - APPROVED

June 2017 Board Financial Summary

June 2017 Summary Balance Sheet

OWASP Foundation is managed by the Operations Director who provides a monthly roll-up report in collaboration of all staff members, contractors and efforts being manged by the back office team. A link to the monthly operational report can be found here: REPORT

  • Board Vice Chairperson - Are we moving forward with an official vote on a Board Vice Chairperson to replace Johanna Curiel - Dawn Aitken
  • Proposed: Adjust approval processes to meet operational needs as outlined below. [Matt Tesauro] Also supported by Matt Konda.
    • Remove board approval for any expense that meets any one of the criteria below
      • Reimbursement from chapter/project funds which have a sufficient balance capped at $10k
      • Routine expenses who already have budget allocated e.x. Mobile phone bill capped at $10k
      • Expenses under $10k which O&A Committee have approved and are already budgeted
      • Payroll expenses that
        • Are the same as the past month’s salary (e.g. same as always) since
          • For salaried staff, payroll expense is fixed
          • For hourly staff, hours will be approved by Matt Tesauro
        • Treasurer will review all salary payments on at least a quarterly basis
      • Board must approve any changes to payroll outside the above conditions

Since the board has already voted for budgeted, normal expenses and we WANT the community to spend down any chapter/project funds, I don't see benefit in the board re-approving the actual pend on the categories above.

Benefit: Allow payables to be handled more efficiently and in a stream-lined fashion for routine and already budgeted items so that the board is removed from day-to-day operational issues.

  • Update on the status of the ED search
    • Staff are getting questions about when the position will be posted - would like to provide those that ask an answer. [Matt Tesauro]
    • Update from Scion
  • Update on AppSecUSA
  • Plan for replacing Operations Director (aka Kate) [Matt Tesauro]
    • What is the timeline/plans to hire a new Operations Director? Staff are getting asked this by the community and would like to provide an answer when asked.

Status update of AppSec USA to the Board. (AJV asking)

- Status update - where are we at - numbers, financially, sponsors, etc

- Any blockers or pain points that needs Board assistance?

- Who is attending from the Staff? Has everyone been registered, made accommodation and flight bookings?

- Who is attending from the Board? Have you registered, made accommodation and flight bookings?

Move to Expensify for expense management (AJV)

- We have an issue where the credit cards and other expenses are not fully trackable

- Ad hoc payments represent just over 10% of all spending, but are not fully tracked

- I'd like to put in Expensify to manage expenses

Let's discuss Face to Face board motions (AJV)

Let's talk about motions to discuss / enacted in before the four retiring members leave the Board

Let's prioritize working groups to get motions drafted and hopefully voted on in September

Budget time (AJV)

It's time to start drafting the budget for FY18.

Let's divide this into BAU (Staff), Strategic (Board), ad hoc requests (chapters/projects/members) with different deadlines

We'll know a total budget amount in December once AppSec USA bills have been paid

Need to think about strategic goals with incoming board

Need to fix the chapter split (Tom Pappas / AJV)