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Atlanta Georgia

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Local News

Latest News

Thanks to all who attended our holiday event in December. We were able to collect several great ideas and feedback from attendees for our 2011 planning efforts. If you have any suggestions, please email the chapter leader or bring them to the next meeting which is due to be in January where the chapter leader will cover practical applications of OWASP tools for the enterprise.

Staying in Touch

There is an OWASP Atlanta Linkedin Group. For those addicted to LinkedIn, we have a group you can further feed your addiction. The OWASP Atlanta Chapter.

Becoming a Member or Sponsor

On behalf of the entire organization, I would like to solicit your financial support of chapter via a tax deductible membership for a great non-profit organization which aims to elevate web application security. We hope that you find historical and future meetings to be of value and show support via a member based contribution.

To contribute to OWASP-Atlanta, sign up as an individual member, or support us as a corporate sponsor, please visit: If you are already a member, please don't forget to renew your membership!! The same link will serve both purposes.

OWASP Atlanta Supporters

Thanks to the following list of official sponsors and supportive organizations for their financial contributions and resource support.

  • Georgia Tech Information Security Center: GTISC logo2.jpg

2009 OWASP Atlanta Member Survey

The Atlanta OWASP Member Survey has come and gone. Thanks to all those that responded. A subset of the results is shown below in the form of top ranking security topics that members wish to see in 2009. More detailed results will be provided and discussed briefly during our first meeting, April 2nd, 2009. Owasp surv.jpg

Chapter Meetings

Future Meetings

February 2011 Meeting

WHAT:: February Chapter Meeting - Separated By A Common Language

WHEN:: 24th February 2011. 6-8pm


WHO:: Beau Woods

Beau Woods is in the Security and Risk Consulting group within SecureWorks. His experience has given him insight into solving the complex real-world problems organizations face worldwide. Beau has over 10 years of experience providing services in the information technology field, with the last five years dedicated to security, risk and compliance. A seasoned speaker at information security conferences, Beau is often invited to present at industry events.

ABSTRACT:: Separated By A Common Language

George Bernard Shaw said that about the US and England. And there’s perhaps nowhere in Information Security where that is more true than in Web App Sec. Though business people and geeks use a common language, we don’t have a common understanding. It’s not what’s said; it’s what’s heard that counts! It’s not enough to just understand the words, the listener has to understand the concepts and how they are put into practice. This talk goes through these challenges on both sides of the equation and gives a framework that can even give a CEO a working knowledge of the OWASP Top 10.


COST: Free to all.

Past Meetings

Dec 2010 - December Social Event

Oct 2010 - Rapid Development of Web Security Tools using SpiderSense

Sep 2010 - Search Engine Hacking

Aug 2010 - OWASP Guided Tour & Using the O2 Platform

Jun 2010 - Security Six Flags Outing

May 2010 - Clubbing WebApps with Botnets

Mar 2010 - Panel on Static & Dynamic Analysis for Web Apps

Feb 2010 - Embedded Malicious JavaScript

Feb 2010 - DNS Security

Jan 2010 - Owasp Top 10

Oct 2009 - Security Religions & Risk Windows (Jeremiah Grossman)

Sept 2009 - Securing WebServices

Aug 2009 - ISSA Event

June 2009 - OWASP LIVE CD Workshop

Apr 2009 - Filter Evasion Techniques (Workshop)

Apr 2009 - Chapter Rebirth meeting

Atlanta ISACA OWASP Meeting 03.27.09

Atlanta Leadership Meeting 03.05.09

Atlanta Leadership Meeting 02.26.09

Atlanta OWASP May 2007 Meeting

Atlanta OWASP December 06 Social

Atlanta OWASP April Meeting

Chapter Meeting March 29th 2006

October 26th Meeting

April 27th, Chapter meeting a SUCCESS!

March 30th, 2005

February Meeting

June 2005

Atlanta Georgia OWASP Chapter Leaders

  • [[1]] - Chapter Lead
  • Steven Schwartz - Meeting Chairperson
  • Shauvik Roy Choudhary - Marketing Chairperson