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April 6, 2010

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Click here for a copy of the 2010 first quarter P&L.

Click here for a copy of the 2010 first quarter Balance Sheet.

Please note that the accounts have not been reconciled for March 2010, so these reports will be updated once that is complete.

Items up for Board Vote

1. Should we stop sending out Individual Membership Kits?

Cost for US membership kit: $19.69

Cost for Non-US membership kit: $26.47

Both kits include the following:

$5.10 for T-shirt

$0.50 for Sticker

$1.79 for Badge Holder (or similiar item)

$0.05 for Certificate

$2.00 for Membership Card

$4.25 for Kate’s time (10 minutes each)

$6.00 avg. shipping for US kit

$12.78 shipping for non-US

Please note that Kate has found new laminated cards that will decrease the cost of the membership card by about half, and will also save her quite a bit of time.

Service Provider Registry

A list of commercial organisations that provide services in relation to OWASP project deliverables;
E.g. ESAPI, SAMM, ASVS, Training (Dev, Code review, Testing) etc.
Question: Do we want one?
Question: Governance, should there be any code of conduct, restrictions, quality control on registery or should OWASP simply provide the forum and not police?

OWASP Free Training

Getting commonplace. Providing training on OWASP Materials.
Should OWASP Training require a fee for non members?
Should the fee for non members be in effect the annual membership fee?
Can this model be discussed?