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April 29, 2015

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Dial In Info

Notice of Recording

  • Notice to all attendees - board meetings are recorded and publicly available as of March, 2013
  • Joining the call acknowledges your awareness of recording and consent to be recorded and public dissemination of the recording.
  • Link to April 29 Meeting Recording


05:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time

12:00pm Pacific / 14:00 Central / 15:00 Eastern / 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST


Teleconference Information:

International Toll Free Calling Information

Attendance Tracker

Board Meeting Attendance Tracker

Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Reading Material

It is a requirement as a board member to fully read all material prior to the start of the meeting

Proposal on 2015 Board of Director Election - Kelly Santalucia

Proposal on OWASP Summer of Code - Konstantinos Papapanagiotou

  • Adjusted to 10 Student slots at $1500 each. Total funding request $15,000

Minutes from March 25 for Approval

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order /OWASP Mission

  • Administrative (List of attendees and Agenda bashing (only if last-minute changes to the agenda are needed) (5 min)


Chairmain's Report - Tobias Gondrom

Vice Chairmain's Report - Josh Sokol

Treasurer Report - Fabio Cerullo

Secretary Report - Matt Konda

Compliance Officer Report - Martin Knobloch

Updated from Members at Large - Michael Coates, Andrew van der Stock & Jim Manico


Community Initiative Reports

Old Business

All active board proposals are listed here

  • Revisit Candidates for OWASP EU Officer positions. Board Members to ID candidates with experience, and work to confirm availability & interest during F2F meetings in Amsterdam. Goal is to transition to new OWASP-EU Officers in June.
  • Review & Approve Minutes from March 25. Edit or update if needed.

  • add items

New Business

All active board proposals are listed here

  • J.Sokol - Compliance Officer Role for 2015
    • [vote needed | discussion topic]

  • Proposed change to Section 3.03 of the bylaws (Bil Corry)
    • Text: "PROPOSED SECTION 3.03 Regular Meetings. The Board of Directors shall have regular meetings as needed. A link to the board meeting agenda’s and the historical minutes is here: Meetings shall be at such dates, times, and places as the Board shall determine in December of the preceding year and as amended by the Board. In no event will there be less than one meeting per quarter. These meetings will be open to public attendance, however, certain portions of the meeting may be closed to board members and their delegates when required for legal reasons, or to shield liability, or to handle personnel issues, or similar. Attendance in person or virtually by board members is required at no less than 75% of the total meetings each year and shall be highly encouraged to meet in person at least once annually at a date to be announced and agreed upon. Attendance is tabulated after every scheduled meeting for the purpose of determining if the 75% attendance requirement has been met, and the tabulation is based upon the entire calendar year. Cancelled meetings are considered attended for the purposes of the tabulation. Failure by a board member to meet the 75% attendance requirement after any tabulation will cause a mandatory vote of confidence by the remaining board members, whose votes will be publicly recorded. An overall vote of "no confidence" is recorded if half or more of the board members vote for it, which causes the board member in question to be instantly removed from their seat on the board. Vacancies on the board are handled as per Section 3.10."
    • current bylaws:
    • short discussion whether 75% or 66% or what would be good number?

Action Items



  • Next meeting date/time:

Motion to close meeting