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(Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications)
(Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications)
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==== Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications ====
==== Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications ====
*'''John Dickson''' | Case Studies | [ Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications] - PDF
*'''John Dickson''' | Case Studies | [ Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications - PDF]

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  • AppSecUSA Presentations and Talks

Thursday 25th Oct

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Building Predictable Systems using Behavioral Security Modeling: |Functional Security Requirements

Top Ten Web Defenses

Mobile Applications & Proxy Shenanigans

  • Dan Amodio | Mobile | PDF

Reverse Engineering “Secure” HTTP APIs With An SSL Proxy

  • Alejandro Caceres | Reverse Engineering | PDF

Gauntlt: Rugged by Example

  • Jeremiah Shirk | Rugged devops | PDF

11:00 am - 11:45 am

Building a Web Attacker Dashboard with ModSecurity and BeEF

  • Ryan Barnett | Attack | PDF

Secure Code Reviews Magic or Art? A Simplified Approach to Secure Code Reviews

  • Sherif Koussa | Developer | PDF

Cracking the Code of Mobile Application

Hacking .NET Application: Reverse Engineering 101

  • Jon Mccoy | Reverse Engineering | PDF

Doing the unstuck: How Rugged cultures drive Biz & AppSec Value

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Hacking with WebSockets

  • Vaagn Toukharian | Attack | PDF

Bug Bounty Programs

  • Michael Coates, Chris Evans, Jeremiah Grossman, Adam Mein, Alex Rice | Developer | PDF

How we tear into that little green man

  • Mathew Rowley | Mobile | PDF

AppSec Training, Securing the SDLC, WebGoat.NET and the Meaning of Life

  • Jerry Hoff | Developer | PDF

Put your robots to work: security automation at Twitter

  • Justin Collins, Neil Matatall, Alex Smolen | Rugged devops | PDF

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Exploiting Internal Network Vulns via the Browser using BeEF Bind

  • Michele Orru | Attack | PDF

The Diviner - Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough - Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Memory Structure of ANY Application (OWASP ZAP extension)

Demystifying Security in the Cloud: AWS Scout

I>S+D! - Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Beyond SAST/DAST

  • Ofer Maor | Developer | PDF

Rebooting (secure) software development with continuous deployment

  • Nick Galbreath | Rugged devops | PDF

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Cross Site Port Scanning

Analyzing and Fixing Password Protection Schemes

  • John Steven | Developer | PDF

Static Analysis of Java Class Files for Quickly and Accurately Detecting Web-Language Encoding Methods

  • Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Alex Emsellem, Matthew Paisner | Attack | PDF

WTF - WAF Testing Framework

DevOps Distilled: The DevOps Panel at AppSec USA

Friday 26th Oct

10:00 am - 10:45 am

Effective approaches to web application security

Why Web Security Is Fundamentally Broken

Payback on Web Attackers: Web Honeypots

  • Simon Roses Femerling | Architecture | PDF

Spin the bottle: Coupling technology and SE for one awesome hack

  • David Kennedy | Attack | PDF

Incident Response: Security After Compromise

  • Richard Bejtlich | Case Studies | PDF

11:00 am - 11:45 am

The Same-Origin Saga

Hack your way to a degree: a new direction in teaching application security at universities

The Magic of Symbiotic Security: Creating an Ecosystem of Security Systems

  • Dan Cornell, Josh Sokol | Architecture | PDF

Blended Threats and JavaScript: A Plan for Permanent Network Compromise

  • Phil Purviance | Attack | PDF

Unbreakable Oracle ERPs? Attacks on Siebel & JD Edwards

  • Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, Jordan Santarsieri | Case Studies | PDF

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Builders Vs. Breakers

Real World Cloud Application Security

  • Jason Chan | Cloud | PDF

NoSQL, no security?

  • Will Urbanski | Architecture | PDF

SQL Server Exploitation, Escalation, and Pilfering

  • Antti Rantasaari, Scott Sutherland | Attack | PDF

Iran's real life cyberwar

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Get off your AMF and don’t REST on JSON

Unraveling Some of the Mysteries around DOM-Based XSS

  • Dave Wichers | Developer | PDF

Securing the SSL channel against man-in-the-middle attacks: Future technologies - HTTP Strict Transport Security and Pinning of Certs

XSS & CSRF with HTML5 - Attack, Exploit and Defense

  • Shreeraj Shah | Attack | PDF

The Application Security Ponzi Scheme: Stop paying for security failure

  • Jarret Raim, Matt Tesauro | Case Studies | PDF

3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Using Interactive Static Analysis for Early Detection of Software Vulnerabilities

Origin(al) Sins

  • Alex Russell | Developer | PDF

The 7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software

Web Framework Vulnerabilities

  • Abraham Kang | Attack | PDF

Web App Crypto - A Study in Failure

  • Travis H | Case Studies | PDF

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Security at Scale

  • Yvan Boily | Developer | PDF

Four Axes of Evil

Pining For the Fjords: The Role of RBAC in Today's Applications

  • Wendy Nather | Architecture | PDF

Counterintelligence Attack Theory

  • Fred Donovan | Attack | PDF

Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications