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Annual budget request

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Every year the community gets the opportunity to tell the Board of Directors where they believe we should invest by giving input into the OWASP Annual Budget. This is the time that you can ask for funds beyond the grant amount 2k per year for resources to accomplish a particular goal for your chapter or project. You can also ask the board to implement funded initiatives, additional events, or anything that you believe will make OWASP more successful in 2018.

This is a great way to tell the OWASP Board what you think the strategic goals for the up coming year should be. For example, in 2017 The OWASP Board determined that the OWASP Strategic goal was to host training sessions for developers across the world. If the community is interested in this, it could be submitted to the board via the Annual budget request in Jira. Other examples of how to use this would include a Project asking for funds for a technical writer or a group of Chapters asking for funds to support speaking tours through lesser served areas.

Suggestions will be appended with the operational expectations by staff and suggestions that block, replace, or depend on other suggestions will be marked. Final proposals will be presented to the Board one week before the December Board Meeting. Comments can be made by community members. This is the perfect time to put forth your ideas for growing OWASP.

This page will be updated each year with the proposals.