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Algeria Student Chapter

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July 21st 2012

The chapter was represented with ESI in the universities' open doors at Safex in Algiers from the 8 to 20 of July.

April 18th 2012

We are animating the Web Security Day as part of the Algeria 2.0 event on April, 19th 2012.

The program is as follows:

9:15 OWASP et l'Algeria Student Chapter - Hani Benhabiles

9:50 OWASP TOP 10 Web Security Risks - Mohamed Karim Chami

10:45 Sécuriser un serveur web GNU/Linux Debian - Oussama Boudar, Hani Benhabiles

11:30 Layer 7 DoS: Attacks and Defense - Abdelkhalek Oussama Elhamer

13:10 Web Security Testing - Nassereddine Abdelli

13:55 Apache ModSecurity - Hani Benhabiles

14:40 (Workshop) Sécuriser une application web PHP - Billel Benabderrahmane, Hamza Tahmi

April 7th 2012

We took part of the Tlemcen Free Days on April, 4th and 5th 2012.

Our program was as follows:

Day 1:

Sécuriser un serveur web GNU/Linux (Debian) - Hani Benhabiles, Oussama Boudar

(Workshop) Tests d'intrusions avec les outils Open Source - Amine Saighi, Nassreddine Abdelli

Day 2:

(Workshop) Sécuriser une application web développée en PHP - Billel Benabderrahmane

We also had the opportunity to explain the objectives and the activities of OWASP and the Algeria Student Chapter at our booth.

Some pictures are available here.

March 29th 2012

The BSides Algiers CTF is announced! Registration deadline is April, 18th 2012. Qualifications date is set to April, 20th 2012 and finals are to be held during the BSides Algiers on May, 4th and 5th 2012.

March 4th 2012

The Algeria Student Chapter has participated in dzwebdays Constantine event from the 1st to the 3rd of March. The program of our talks was as fellow:

Day 1:

OWASP TOP 10 Web Security Risks - Hani Benhabiles

Android Security - Hocine Abdelhakim Ameur

Secure PHP Development - Billel Benabderahmanne

Day 2:

Introduction to penetration testing - Amine Saighi

Day 3:

OWASP Entreprise Security API - Djamel Eddine Boudekhanni

ModSecurity Web Application Firewall - Hani Benhabiles

We also had a booth were we have explained to the visitors the objectives and the activities of OWASP and the Algeria Student Chapter.

Some pictures are available here.

February 25th 2012

A "Secure PHP development" workshop for students was conducted today by Billel Benabderrahmane at National Higher School of Computer Science (ESI).

February 18th 2012

A "Web Security Testing" workshop for students was conducted today by Hani Benhabiles at National Higher School of Computer Science (ESI). A "Secure PHP Development" workshop will be conducted next Saturday by Billel Benabderrahmane.

February 14th 2012

We are now partners with Emploitic (media) and Synapse-labs (technical).

February 2nd 2012

N'TIC Magazine is our new communication partner!

January 15th 2012

We're happy to announce that the OWASP Algeria student Chapter will be organising the BSides Algiers!

For more information check out the event's page.

January 2nd 2012

A meeting was held today, the discussed points were:

  • The global objectives of the chapter.
  • The date and the form of the next meetings.
  • Work on procedures to officialize the chapter at a local college.
  • The participation of our members in the incoming DzWebdays event next month.
  • The organization of a security event. More information on this to come later.
  • The involvement in OWASP's different projects.

December 29th 2011

A first meeting is scheduled on January, 2nd between the first members of the chapter to discuss the short term actions to do, involvement in the next local IT events as well as the long term objectives.

December 19th 2011

The OWASP Algeria Student Chapter is officially founded by Hani Benhabiles.

The OWASP Algeria Student Chapter was founded on December 19th, 2011 by Hani Benhabiles and includes around 30 active members.

Actually located at National Higher School of Computer Science (ESI), the chapter aims to be active on a national wide level not only by participating at different IT events but also by organizing free and open for everyone conferences, workshops and meetings about application security and information security in general.

Web site:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @DzOWASP


Google Plus:

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