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Staff mike.jpg
Mike McCamon
Interim Executive Director
The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.
Staff emily.jpg
Emily Berman
Director of Events
The Director of Events is responsible for the success of the Company’s event programming including global events and other initiatives. Additionally the Events Director will collaborate with leaders, members, and partners to grow and evolve our regional and local events.
Staff harold.jpg
Harold Blankenship
Director of Technology & Projects
The Director of Technology & Projects nurtures, manages, facilitates, and supports the volunteer open source programs of the Foundation. Additionally the Director of Technology & Projects will with the support of staff and partners champion, manage, and execute the technology roadmap of the Foundation. Additionally from time to time you may be assigned other tasks and responsibilities by your supervisor.
Staff kelly.jpg
Kelly Santalucia
Director of Corporate Support
The Director of Corporate Support identifies, nurtures, develops, documents, solicits, and closes sponsorships and grants for the Foundation and its mission. Also the Director of Corporate Support will collaborate with staff, leaders, and members to improve our membership and events offerings for partners.
Staff dawn.png
Dawn Aitken
Community & Operations Manager
The Community & Operations Manager proactively runs the Foundation’s core business and chapter functions in a professional, consistent, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Generally these functions include opening and closing local chapters; proactively supporting chapter leaders; regularly ensuring the accuracy and integrity of chapter, member and other data; leadership and primary liaison for accounts payable; and semi-annually audit processes and signatory authorities ensuring issues are resolved. Additionally the Community & Operations Manager along with support from staff and partners will accurately document and implement the policies of the Foundation.
Staff lisa.jpg
Lisa Jones
Sales & Marketing Operations Manager
The Sales & Marketing Operations Manager supports and coordinates core communication, promotional, member, and sales functions of the Foundation. Generally these functions include the development and execution of professional, regular, and impactful communications in both long and short form through email marketing and social media; proactively leading, managing, and facilitating co-marketing programs; regularly ensuring the accuracy and integrity of member data; supporting and assisting potential individual members; execution of and primary liaison for invoicing and accounts receivable; and ensure corporate member and sponsor benefits are delivered accurately and on schedule.
Staff sibah.jpg
Sibah Poede
Events Coordinator
Organize logistical and administrative support for while coordinating with sales team to develop the strategy and direction of events. Collaborate with the marketing and design teams to facilitate event promotion. Support staff in managing budgets, calendars, and partnerships for event efforts. Collaborate with leaders, members, and partners to grow and evolve regional events.

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