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2015 BASC Workshop

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InfoSec Communication Workshop

Rob Cheyne

CEO, Big Brain Security

Executive Director, SOURCE Conference

When presenting, teaching, or leading a discussion on technical topics, a big part of the secret to success is the ability to clearly explain technical information, and the impact it has on business risks. For some this comes more naturally than others, but this is absolutely a learnable skill.

In the time I’ve been teaching, I have had to come up with many ways of explaining information security concepts (both technical and non-technical) to vastly different audiences in a way that everyone gets it. In some cases, I’ve even been tasked with teaching security to hostile audiences, and had to figure out ways to get them to care.

One of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to explain something technical in a way that everyone can follow along, while simultaneously persuading your audience to care what you are talking about and leave them wanting more.

The formula often boils down to:

  • using specific strategies to keep everyone engaged
  • conveying a story
  • clearly explaining the necessary details, and only the necessary details
  • not condescending to the technical folks in the room with overly simplistic explanations
  • simultaneously not leaving the less technical (or non-technical) folks in the room behind

This workshop session will provide you with practical tips and tricks for doing exactly this, and also provide some opportunities for practice. Practice makes perfect!

Please join Rob in this highly interactive workshop for a deeper dive down the security communication rabbit hole and experience a new way of communicating.