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(.NET Security Overview)
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The OWASP .NET Project's goal is to enable .NET developers to build secure applications efficiently. See the [[OWASP .NET Project Roadmap]] for more information on our plans.
==Joining the Project==
The project's high level roadmap can be found at the [[OWASP .NET Project Roadmap]]
* Please submit your ideas for individual articles to the [[.NET Project Article Wishlist]].
* If you'd like to contribute:
# visit the [[Tutorial]],
# join the mailing list (see [[How to join Owasp.Net Mailing List]])
# and pick a topic from the [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents]], or suggest a new topic.<br>
Remember to add the tag: <nowiki>[[Category:OWASP .NET Project]]</nowiki> to the end of new articles so that they're properly categorized.
==.NET Security Overview==
Opening statement
Categories for vulnerabilities
[[:Category:.NET|.NET category]].
To provide resources for all roles involved with designing, developing and maintaining a .NET web application.
; [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents#.NET Architectural Guidance| .NET Security for Architects]]
; [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents#.NET Developer| .NET Security for Developers]]
; [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents#.NET IT Professional| .NET Security for IT Professionals]]
; [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents#.NET Penetration Tester| .NET Penetration Testing]]
; [[OWASP .NET Table of Contents#.NET Incident Response| .NET Incident Response]]
== Project Sponsor ==
[[Category:OWASP Project]]
[[Category:OWASP Tool]]
[[Category:OWASP Download]]

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